Is it cheaper to rekey locks


Is it cheaper to rekey locks. The cost to rekey locks is determined by what type of locks we are talking about. Locksmith services can rekey doors, automobiles, and any other type of property that have a deadbolt. Some examples of this would be commercial properties like apartment buildings or big retail stores. The cost is usually determined by the type of locks on the property as well as the length of time the property has been owned by the owner. For example, if it is a business and it has been around for five years, then the lock should be of a certain make and the combination should be a certain number of times.

To rekey the lock, a professional locksmith North Miami will take a new key and cut it down in size. This key will fit into the lock slot perfectly and can be used to open the door. After doing this, they will then drill into the door jambs and springs in order to remove the key for use in another lock. Most of the locksmith services will know how many keys to cut down and how long the door jambs have been broken. The time is usually measured in hours.

Most people have at least one or two sets of keys and have lost or broken some of them. If this is the case, keying the locks will help anyone who still has access to their property. But is it cheaper to rekey locks or to change them? Many locksmiths will take a new set of keys and cut them down in size again so they are matched up with the deadbolt locks on the door. This will allow anyone to open the door without having to drill the locks again.


This will allow anyone to open the door without having to drill the locks again. It can save you money by rekeying your locks as opposed to changing your locks. The main reason for this is because you are keeping your existing locks. The added expense of having to purchase a new lock is not there.

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